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Chef & Cooking
Salary Details:
£10.00 per hour
Vacancy Type:
Full Time
About The Role
Caviar House are looking to recruit organised and professional Kitchen Assistants to join their team at Heathrow. As a Kitchen assistant you will be assisting the smooth operation of the Seafood Bar business, by delivering exceptional support to create memorable experiences for customers or potential customers alike. You will be working within a team of like minded people to achieve service excellence and organisational goals.
Key Responsibilities include:
Customer Service 
  • To maintain always a professional, friendly, approachable atmosphere for all customers, through 
    welcoming, greeting, seating and introducing to their waiting staff.
  • To report any customers feedback or complaints to the Manager on duty as soon as possible.
  • To support customers and airport passengers (potential customers) with information.
Quality Control & Due Diligence
  • Ensure through daily deliveries that the quality of all products offered for sale is of top quality.
  • Monitor storage of goods to maintain a stock rotation and date control.
  • Report any delivery discrepancies to the Manager on duty.
  • Ensure stock is regularly checked to ensure that it has not passed its “use by” date.
  • Complete all necessary paperwork: Airport Sharps Procedure, Temperature Control, Food Rotation and Cleaning Rota.
  • Ensure that the bars are frequently cleaned during the day to maintain high standards of cleanliness, 
    with no interruption to customers by following the cleaning schedules.
  • Remember to sign and date the current cleaning rota.
  • Ensure that wet area is maintained and clean at all times.
  • Ensure that the Seafood Bar is free from debris and all areas are swept and mopped regularly.
  • Ensure all stainless steel has been cleaned.
  • All customer areas are clean and well maintained.
  • Assist with any cleaning duties required by the Manager.

Food Safety 
  • Always maintain the Company’s standards and follow the Food Safety regulations that apply.
  • Ensure you are familiar with the Health & Safety Policy as well as the HACCP.
  • Maintain and record temperature controls.
  • Report any faulty machinery or wear and tear to the Manager on duty.

Discipline and Morale 
  • Maintain a harmonious relationship with colleagues. 
  • Follow Company guidelines on Policies & Procedures.
  • Report any sickness before the start of your shift to your Manager giving as much notice as possible.
  • Authorise all holidays prior to booking with the Terminal General Manager via Sling.
  • Directly contact the branch telephone number to inform you are late, and let your Manager know.

  • Maintain a good working relationship with airport staff, place of work officials and security staff.
  • AD HOC DUTIES: Complete any duties asked by the Manager or Head Office within reason
About You
The ideal candidate for this role should have previous experience in similar environment with knowledge of food safety and health and safety procedures as well as having good communication skills, other skills:

  • Organisational Skills
  • Good Housekeeping
  • Customer Service
  • Quality Control Stock Control
  • Cash Handling & Banking Procedures
About The Company

Caviar House & Prunier are passionate about exquisite seafood and have been proudly serving the highest quality produce for over 140 years. Their mission is to deliver the finest delicacies from around the world and provide a memorable gourmet experience for each and every customer. Their long-standing belief is that food should not just be consumed; it should be savoured.

Fine food is about the feeling you get from tasting it and they are committed to delivering that feeling by producing the finest quality, best-tasting caviar and smoked salmon in the world.